The “Ok Boomer” Outcry



The newest meme has taken the internet by storm; however, older people see it as an offensive “slur” that promotes ageism and harassment.

The phrase “ok boomer” came from a reaction to a video on the app TikTok. The video was criticizing the millennials and Gen Z. for having the “Peter Pan” syndrome, they want ideals of their childhood to grow into their adulthood. In other words, he felt that they need to grow up and “face the real world”.

The phrase spread like wildfires, and now the hashtag “OkBoomer” has over 957.7m views on TikTok and 34.3k posts on Instagram. But not everyone is joining in on the joke.

Bob Lonsberry, a conservative radio talk show host, tweeted out that “ok boomer” was the “N-word of ageism” (it’s not even close, but ok boomer). AARP senior vice president, Myrna Blthy’s rebuke was “ok millennials but we have all the money.” This statement received a lot of backlash on twitter, many users feeling that this is part of the issue and asking Blthy to tell why they have all the money.

Gen Z. and Millennials however feel this “hatred” is justified. Since the Millennials have entered the workforce older generations have criticized them for being lazy, careless, and “snowflakes”. Many younger generations feel that the Baby Boomers generations complete disregard for issues like climate change, gun control, and student debt should allow them to be called out. We have already seen Gen. Z. is ready for action and full of activist energy, they’re demanding change to be made. Right. Now. Some say the phrase is just the younger generations saying, “your wrong, but your ignorance will blind you from seeing my veiw.”

Is the “ok boomer” phrase too harsh? Is it a justified reaction? Should I say it on thanksgiving when the adults being their political debate? (no probably not). The phrase did not start due to try and be ageist or harass the boomers, but maybe it’s the final thing that will get the conversation on change going. To those who feel it’s an act of teenage angst and aggression I have two words: ok boomer