HOSA Gift is Life Organ Donation Challenge


Tori DeAngelis

Dakota’s HOSA is participating in a challenge with the organization Gift of Life to dedicate more effort into health care by encouraging people to become organ donors. Organ donations are extremely important to the medical field; one single donor can provide up to eight organs and enough tissue to save 75 lives. However, there are still 100,000 patients (3,200 of them being Michigan patients) waiting for organs in order to sustain their life. It is Gift of Life’s job to spread awareness to the organ donor registry, and even you can take part in saving someone’s life. HOSA President Alondra Daood cannot stress enough how important it is for new donors to register. She expresses, “After you have lived a full life, you can still help other people live full lives by becoming an organ donor.” It’s as easy as going onto www.giftoflifemichigan.org and registering on the go or without even leaving your bed. Last year we received a very low number of students registered, so let’s step it up this year to show our support to our HOSA chapter as well as the medical patients in need of organ donations. The challenge ends November 22nd so be sure to sign up before then, so our support for organ donations can be displayed through HOSA.