Utica Community School Teachers: Suing and Demanding Action


C&G News, Patricia O’Blenes

Francesco Gerardi, Staff Writer

As many people have heard, teachers from the Utica Community Schools district are protesting, and the UEA (Utica Education Association) has filed an unfair labor practice charge against UCS.

This filing comes after a collective bargaining agreement affecting almost 1,500 teachers expired on June 30th of this year, without a new contract in place. They have been bargaining for months, with the latest meeting set on November 5th. Following this, many Utica Community Schools teachers have gone on strike, and have been picketing and spreading awareness online to rally up support and hopefully speed up negotiation proceedings between UCS and the UEA.

Trending throughout people’s social media pages are images and hashtags that say “I Stand with Utica Teachers.” They also urge people to wear the color red to represent that they stand with the Utica Education Association.

Though a difficult situation, everyone is just looking to provide the best education and future for the generations that come after them.