5 Fun Things to do When You’re Alone on Halloween

Don't worry, It's okay to cry.

5 Fun Things to do When You're Alone on Halloween

Kellin Hughes, Staff Writer




Conjure Beetlejuice and ask if he wants to play Minecraft or haunt your parents or something. It’s worth a shot?






Play a scary video game to distract yourself from the fact that everyone else is probably out having fun. I recommend Until Dawn and Outlast.






Eat yourself into a candy coma in the Target parking lot because you deserve it, right? Right.

Bonus points if the candy is already on sale.








Watch a scary movie so you don’t feel so alone. The demons you’ll inevitably make yourself believe are in your house will keep you company. Just watch your back. And keep the lights on. And lock the door. And…




If all else fails, sit in the shower and cry to sad mid 2000s emo music. Because you are alone. And probably have no friends. And the Halloween candy at Target wasn’t on sale yet.