Morrow Road

Gabby Jones

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About 35 minutes away from Dakota, just past New Baltimore, is a ‘haunted’ road called Morrow.  A couple of my friends that live in Algonac told me a bunch of different stories on this road though they all share the same basic outline:  a middle-aged woman wearing a night gown searching for her lost boy on the bridge in the middle of Morrow.  This active road is one of Michigan’s oldest legends and began in the late 1800s.  The road is said to be haunted by two ghosts; a mother and her lost child.  The most ‘haunted’ place on the 2.5-mile road is the bridge, it is said to have the most paranormal activity.  According to some stories the bridge happens to be where the two were killed.  The most popular story that I’ve heard from my friends, was that the boy was murdered, the mother went to search for him; when she came to the bridge, she was killed by the same person that took her sons life.   I’ve also heard that if you drive your car onto the middle of the bridge, put baby powder on the top of the trunk and throw your car in neutral, you’ll start to move forward and there will be fingerprints in the powder.   

I have visited this road a couple times with a few of my friends.  There are two parts to Morrow, the unpaved creepy side with the bridge, and a paved more up kept part.  Regardless, both sides of the road have a very eerie feeling to them.  One of my friends told me about how him and a couple of his friends were out riding around at night when they heard someone call out for help.  I’ve never witnessed any activity, but I also don’t live in the area and have only been a couple times; and I could never bring myself to leaving the car.  So, if you’re ever visiting Lake St. Clair and feeling a little adventurous definitely check it out!