My Top 3 Animated Halloween Movies

Andrea Rico

Now that October’s here, there are many great Halloween family movies out there. Here are my top 3 favorite animated films I recommend watching! 

  1. Coraline- Throughout my childhood, I always found this movie a bit scary, making it one of my favorite Halloween movies. This movie is about a young girl moving into a new home and finding a secret door. Behind this secret door is her “perfect” family that she had always wished for, but ends with a twist. 
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas- This movie could be watched either around Halloween or Christmas, however it maybe a bit scary for some children. This movie is about a skeleton named Jack Skellington who is sick of the same Halloween stuff each year. He then discovers Christmas and decides HE wants to be Santa.  
  3. Monster House- This movie has been one of my absolute FAVORITES as I grew up. Three young children get suspicious of a creepy old house that they think is a monster. They don’t only think this because of the crabby old man who owns it, but because the house ate children who disturb the house.