iPhone 11 Max Pro, A Mini Review


Gabby Jones

The new iPhone has a lot of new promises, but are they truly accurate features?  Regardless, I’ll still be first in line every time.  Apple promises that this is the most “shatter proof” glass any smartphone has seen.  Though, when YouTubers at ‘Phone Buff’ did a drop test in comparison to the new galaxy 10+, their promise wasn’t so promising anymore.  This is the link to the YouTube video.  https://youtu.be/QPB5HR8tqvk     

Apple also promised that the new device is waterproof up to 4 meter, or 13 feet.  After doing more research, I found that this was in fact true.    Unlike the other iPhones which are ‘water resistant’ this phone is the furthest Apple has gone with being completely waterproof. 

There are other features to the new iPhone that are breath taking, but as I browsed around the Apple store at Partridge creek, I found that those were the most asked questions the customers had regarding the new smartphone. 

The Camera quality on the phone is breath taking, the three cameras are there for depth and accuracy.  Here are some here are some pictures I had one of my friends take using his new iPhone 11!  (Picture Credits to Michael Gracin)