So How Did The Area 51 Raid Turn Out?

Melina Hicks

  1. So What Happened at the Area 51 Raid? 


Approximately 2 million clicked the “going” button on a Facebook page that was set up by a man from California named Matty Roberts who created the event titled, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All”, with the date of the raid being September 20th. 

While nowhere near 2 million showed up near the base, a little over 6,000 showed up early in the morning.  Even though it wasn’t as large of a turnout as expected, the small town of Rachel which is in a close proximity to the Area 51 military base was still overwhelmed as the town only has 54 residents and is surrounded by ghost town and dessert.  To make matters worse, Rachel’s only gas station closed in 2006, so visitors will have to fill their tanks 50 miles away in Alamo, Nevada.  

Two people have already attempted to get into the base earlier this month.  Two Dutch men were arrested about 3 miles deep in the Nevada National Security Site.  They told the authorities that arrested them that they wanted to get a good look at Area 51. 

Thankfully no one got in any serious trouble during the official raid.  The mood overall had very lighthearted tone and no one acted out of turn. Overall the entire raid was a little bit underwhelming, but those who attended enjoyed the experience.