“Is Casual Racism, Really Racism?”

Cydney Long

With today’s society racism has been a big topic lately. After almost 100 years of African Americans being slaves, the holocaust taking Jews out of their everyday lives then putting them into laborer camps, and Christopher Columbus stealing what were Native American’s territory and also making them slaves. You would assume People wouldn’t want to bring up these traumatic experiences that these minority groups had to overcome that traumatized them their whole life. And now, today minority groups have to deal with a type of racism called Casual racism. Casual Racism is involving negative stereotypes or prejudices about people in the basis of race, color or ethnicity. Some would say Casual racism is not “truly” or “really” racist however, this can create or accept prejudice. In America we should want to stop ANY type of racism. We need to care about causal racism, address causal racism when encountered, and NOT use causal racism as a joke.

Why should we care about causal racism? Like other types of racism. Causal racism also humiliates, criticizes, diminish, and demean innocent and by standing people. Using causal racism can give off hatred toward someone even though it isn’t intentionally. Therefore, you shouldn’t want a person to misconceive what you are trying to say and end up creating a conflict. “Research demonstrates that racism can have adverse effects on people’s physical and mental health.” (Racism Stops With Me) Casual racism can also make someone feel excluded from the society. It destroys the tremendous amount of work minority groups had to do in order to have equal rights. “Causal racism, can cause anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and high blood pressure. (Racism Stops With Me)

How does ones react when encountering racism? If you encounter Casual Racism you always want to speak up for yourself and against racism. When someone makes a racist comment or joke, have a conversation with that friend, family member, colleague or teammate and ask them what they meant by their comment. Make that person put themselves in your shoes to how YOU felt. Show them that they wouldn’t want to feel that like they didn’t belong because of their skin color. You wouldn’t want to be stereotyped either right?

“Racism is as much about impact as it is about intention.”(Racism Stops With Me) As a person in America you should always think about those who are at the receiving end of discrimination. Hence, “think before you speak.” A message that goes way back and not a lesson taught in households nowadays. We are accountable for the things we say or do and that’s a lesson In itself. Think about that… Causal racist jokes or comments can have a negative impact on a individual or group. Causal racism can create a wall between the majorities and the minorities. This wall, it is in front of me everyday at my majority white school. Joking about race is unprofessional. Joking about is ignorant. Joking about race can show people a bad impression of you. Joking about race? Racism shouldn’t be a joke. Joking about race should not be tolerated. Joking about race? More people should act on. Joking about race SHOULD BE OFF THE TABLE!

Casual racism isn’t often intended to cause offense or harm. Although, your message can be misconstrued by the person it is given to and something little can snow ball into something much bigger. This shouldn’t be an argument to treat someone equally, but in America we need to take these steps and address these topics. In order to be treated the way WE( minorities) want to be treated.

—A piece for change.