DHS Alumni – From the Dakota Planet to Oakland Post!


Francesco Gerardi and Mary Gerardi

Katelyn Hill, a student from Dakota’s graduating class of 2018, has moved on from writing for the Dakota Planet! The DHS alumni started as a writer for the Oakland post, a university newsletter based out of Oakland University. On September 11, 2019, her first article went live! It is titled “OU former student dances her way to the crown.” (See link below.)

Katelyn is a journalism major at Oakland University. After initially wanting to go into the medical field, she decided to pursue a career in journalism because “the medical field wasn’t for me.” When asked why she wanted to write for Dakota’s newspaper two years ago, she said “it felt like the perfect class to take to get.. into newswriting and journalism.” “Journalism is something that has always come easy to me, and that I’ve always enjoyed!” With her enthusiasm and skillset, Hill continued her career at the Oakland Post because her professor thought it would be the perfect fit, and boy was he right!

Equipped with knowledge and experience given to her in high school, Katelyn is sure to succeed in her career of journalism! Dakota High School is proud to see former students moving forward and creating a brighter future for all the students to come.

Visit her article at [https://oaklandpostonline.com/28445/life-arts/ou-former-student-dances-her-way-to-the-crown/], or pick up a paper copy at Oakland University.