Chrissy Teigen had a Twitter Fight with the President of the United States

Emily Gottlieb

Chrissy Teigen, a model with a large social media presence, got in a fight with President Trump on Twitter late Sunday night. Teigen, who is known for her comedic and sarcastic Twitter feed, was mentioned by the president on Sunday night.  

John Legend, husband of Chrissy Teigen, had been interviewed earlier about criminal justice reform. The President took to Twitter, claiming that Legend said that he was taking all of the credit for criminal justice reform. President Trump stated how Republicans deserve much credit,” and that “people that had virtually nothing to do with it are taking the praise.” He then went on to mention John Legend in the following tweet and tagged him. What he failed to do was tag Legend’s wife, who was mentioned only as “his filthy mouthed wife.”  

Teigen, who is blocked by the president for comments she has made over the past few years, found out from friends, who sent her the screenshots that night. She later took to Twitter after seeing the tweets with her own comedic response 

The phrase that Teigen used to refer to Trump began trending on Twitter with many celebrities tweeting to “not allow” the hashtag to trend. She joined in on this, as did Legend and many others. Teigen also made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Showwhere she spoke on this as well as other things. She explained how her and Legend spent the night watching their Twitter feeds and figuring out the right responses to say.  

Teigen did state that she is trying to clean up her Twitter feed because she has run the risk of offending people unintentionally, but this was too big for her to look past.