College Lacrosse Championship

Joe Tocco

This years college lacrosse championship was against Yale and Virginia.  Yale coming into the game ranked number three in the tournament and going 15-4 on the season, and Virginia ranked number four in the tournament and going 17-3 on the season. Virginia jumped out to a early comfortable lead, which they lead by four at halftime and then scored by five consecutive scores in the third quarter. Virginia’s defense had a great game holding Yale’s offense to not having many shots on goal and causing many turnovers to seal a championship victory for the Virginia Cavaliers 13-9 win over the defending champs Yale. This victory for Virginia was the first championship since 2011 and is their sixth title win in school history for the Cavaliers. Sophomore goalie Alex Rode had a incredible game against Yale making many clutch saves when it most mattered for the team and he was a big part of why they won this game.