Trump’s Trade “War”


President Donald Trump left, President Xi Jinping right

Since July of 2018, the US and China have been in a trade war, with both countries mutually imposing tariffs on one another.  

President Trump view is that China and other countries have been unfair, and he wants to give the US an edge. His administration has stated that tariffs are necessary to protect US intellectual property and reduce the trade deficit with china.  

The Chinese government said they do not want a trade war and it’s the US who insists on waging a trade war with them. The White House has followed up saying that their goal is not to harm China’s economy but to get china to follow fair competition and stop unfair trade practices. 

The tariffs have strong bipartisan support in congress, with both Speaker Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Schumer supporting higher tariffs on China. As of today each country shows no sign of backing down and will continue with the trade war.