Warriors And Trail Blazers Game 2

Joe Tocco

Game two of the Western Conference finals between the Warriors and the Trail Blazers. The Warriors took game one, without their best player Kevin Durant who is out with a calf injury. Kevin Durant is expected to miss game three and for also. The Trail Blazers in game one did not do a good job on defense and they needed to change their game plan for game two. The Trail Blazers started the game out hot, as they hit 18 threes on a 46 percent shooting rate form the arc and their star players Dame Lillard with 23 points and CJ Mcollum with 22 points. The Trail Blazers could not though end up closing the game out, as they had a 17 point lead the Warriors performed a comeback. As Steph Curry and Klay Thompson taking control of this game, Steph with 39 points and Klay with 24 points. Winning game two 114-111, the Warriors are 2-0 in the series and head over to Portland for game three on Saturday May 17.