Why Everyone’s Going (Wal)Nuts Over Kylie’s New Skincare Line

Samantha Vasseur, Managing Editor

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I call Walnut scrub to the stand.

We all know Kylie Jenner highly successful makeup company “Kylie Cosmetics” since 2015. Well now Kylies taking a step back and making her own skin care line called, “Kylie Skin“.

The line consists of six products: foaming face wash, vanilla milk toner, walnut scrub, vitamin c serum, face moisturizer, and eye cream priced at $125 for the entire collection. Kylie released 6 videos to her YouTube channel introducing each product of the line.

The product causing controversy is the walnut face scrub. In her video she said the scrub was “gentle enough to use every day”, although she claimed to use the product two or three times a week.”

Walnut face scrubs have been  know to be too abrasive causing micro-tears on the skin which is why most people stay away from them.

Prevention has released an article asking a dermatologist what she thought and this is what she said ,“It is unclear whether this new product contains walnut shell or the walnut itself,” explains Dr. Zeichner. “Moreover, it is unclear whether the process by which the powder was made is different than previous generations. Time and time again we have seen improvements in formulation of the same ingredients leading to better clinical outcomes and less irritation.”

So its unclear whether or not the scrub is too abrasive or not until someone gets their hands on it May 22nd.