Dakota Varsity Lacrosse

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Dakota Varsity Lacrosse

Jamie Zink, Staff Writer

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This previous weekend the boys played their rivalry school, Chippewa Valley, in a very intense battle. The game made history for the Chippewa Valley School District by being the very first Dakota vs. Chippewa lacrosse game. As always the boys competed and stayed strong, resulting with Dakota coming out on top, with a score of 13-6. Earlier this week, the boys played St. Clair in an aggressive match up. Dakota coming out on top yet again with a score of 8-3. Their next game will be against L’Anse Creuse North, the last season game for the cougars determining whether or not the boys win the MAC White Conference. Also the varsity cougars will be playing their first district game against Utica Eisenhower High School this Friday May 17th. After previously coming out short to Eisenhower, the boys are eager to get the outcome they wanted and the revenge they needed. Eisenhower’s record is currently 7-8, while the cougars hold a record of 16-2. This will be a very exciting game for Dakota so be there and cheer on the boys as they hope to advance to District Finals. If you are curious of the boys’ previous matchups,  you can find the results of those games down bellow:

  • 3/23   Utica Ford                                 (W)20-0
  • 3/25   Troy                                            (W)12-4
  • 3/26   Troy                                            (W)10-5
  • 4/9   Anchor Bay                                  (W)7-6
  • 4/11   L’Anse Creuse                            (W)13-2
  • 4/13   Utica Eisenhower                     (L)17-8
  • 4/15   Brother Rice                               (L)20-4
  • 4/16   Utica Ford                                  (W)15-0
  • 4/23   Sterling Heights Stevenson    (W)18-0
  • 4/25   L’Anse Creuse North               (W)10-9
  • 5/1   L’Anse Creuse                              (W)14-5
  • 5/3   Romeo                                          (W)10-5
  • 5/4   Utica Ford                                    (W)24-0
  • 5/7   St. Clair                                         (W)9-7
  • 5/9   Sterling Heights Stevenson      (W)16-3
  • 5/11   Chippewa Valley                        (W)13-6
  • 5/13   St. Clair                                       (W)8-3