Minecraft – The Anniversary of a Masterpiece

May 17, 2019

Today marks the 10 Year Anniversary of the globally renown video game known as Minecraft. The game was initially released on May 17th, 2009 with it’s official release being in 2011.

Minecraft was made by the Swedish game development company known as Mojang created by Markus Persson, also known as ‘Notch,’ and was also created with the help of video game designer Jens Bergensten, also known as ‘Jeb.’

The concept of the game revolves around an open world sandbox 3 Dimensional survival based game where the player is placed in a world in which they must build to survive.

Creative mode was later introduced into the game for players wishing to build creations without the worry of wasting resources

On September 14th, 2014, Microsoft purchased Mojang for $2.5 Billion and has since owned the game.

The game itself reached millions of players over the course of six years spanning from 2009-2015 gaining traction worldwide. Although that all changed over the years..

Eventually the player base began to decline as many players simply left the game mainly because there weren’t many updates that seemed to pull players in.

It was only until recently when Minecraft began to regain traction due to the popularity of its “nostalgic aspects.”

I find myself playing the game with my friends as everyone seems to be getting back on the game nowadays, but why?

Minecraft is something more than a game, it’s a story. From when you first got onto the game with your friends, with little to no knowledge of the world, we have all played the game.

This story now continues into present day where I see myself often reflecting on the memories I shared with my friends on this game. We weren’t necessarily naive, we were just innocent and weren’t aware of the what the future held.

Back to the present, I’m now stress about the near future regarding college, jobs, money, etc. I never took the time to stop and look around in my life and now look where I am.

We never take the time to real use that we’re living the “best years of our lives” until they’re gone.

Minecraft is timeless in a sense as it embodies childhood memories, but also leaves an open door for new memories to make.

Gone are days where we judged each other for playing the game in 2013 as Minecraft truly does bring out the best in people.

The soundtrack, composed by the artist C418, the simplicity of the world around you, and the countless creations you can create all add up to make the game a modern masterpiece of artwork.

And with that I say, Happy Birthday Minecraft. You may have changed and we may have changed over the years, but deep down, we’ll never grow up.




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