Brazils Breath Taking Beach!

Gabby Jones

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Interested in going on vacation this summer? Maybe somewhere tropical, sipping on a coconut underneath the hot sun, with a view of the ocean?  According to Tripadvisor, Baia do Sancho is the #1 vacation choice for travelers!  The beach has clear turquoise water, beautiful golden sand, and jaw dropping cliffs; this place is guaranteed to take your breath away.  If you’re into adventures, this place is definitely fit for you!  To get to the beach, guests travel down a rocky stair set or could take a boat to the shore.  The beach is quite peaceful; according to “This is the #1 Travelers’ choice…” article, one traveler mentions “(Baia do Sancho) is always nearly empty.  At peak times, you will still rarely see more than a hundred people. If you go early, you’ll have (the beach) to yourself”.    If you’re into hanging with some fish, turtles and even small sharks, they have snorkeling sessions available to guests!  The calm waters, and interesting animals you’ll see makes the experience even more memorable.  The fish and other species tend to let visitors get up close and personal with them too.  There aren’t any hotels on the beach itself, you will have to take a boat for that breathtaking view.  There are plenty of hotels in the area, and based on your preferences of a room, the prices of each place vary.  This trip may not be the least expensive, by any means, but it will be the most memorable.