What Happened to The Notre Dame Cathedral?


Gabby Jones

The world’s most famous cathedral, Notre Dame, was engulfed in flames Monday April 15th.  The cause of the fire remains unknown, however the most reasonable explanation, officers decided, was complications during renovations; fortunately, they ruled out arson as a cause.  The fire had only severely damaged the roof of the building, but the flames did cause the symbolic Spire to fall.  As soon as the firefighters arrived at the scene, they rushed in and were able to recover some of the most valuable pieces in the cathedral, including the holy crown of thorns.  Church officers and other officials are working on getting tarps to put over the top of the church to protect the rest of the artifacts inside, especially from rain.  The church is said to start rebuilding as soon as possible but will take at least 5 years to complete.  This was a tragedy, though some are taking it as an opportunity. Notre Dame can now be properly built stronger and even more beautiful.