Getting Over Senioritis

Alyssa Taugher, Student Writer

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Senioritis: A crippling  disease that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms include: laziness, over-excessive wearing of sweat pants and t-shirts, a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude. The only cure is  graduation.

In all seriousness, with the last six weeks of  school approaching, it is no secret that many students, of every grade, start to loose motivation, but especially seniors who have been in school since kindergarten. Although it is probably inevitable, it is always nice to receive a few reminders on how to keep moving when you “stop caring”.


  • Stay organized

Do not let these last few weeks ruin everything you have ever organized or tried to keep nice and neat. Plan ahead and keep up with your current system. You will thank yourself when finals come around. Organization is key.

  • Stay focused

Keep your head clear and focused on what is really important right now. You have made it through this far and to let something that won`t  matter in a few months stress you out just does not make sense. Focus on the present, since that is all you are able to control!

  • Realize grades are very important, but they are never the end of the world

Yes, grades are important and you should definitely care about what you end up with. But, realize that if you did your personal best, that is all anyone can ask for. Do your best and always try 100% on everything, but remember to not beat yourself up over one bad grade.

  • Think about the good that is to come

Do not stress about the future, because you can`t  control something that is months away, but think about the amazing things that will happen after you graduate, because they will!

  • Keep in touch with your friends

Friends are a big part of your support system, so make time to see them! Spending just one hour with a friends can clear your mind and help to relieve some stress without you even realizing it. You are never too busy.

  • Keep yourself challenged 

Facing a challenge may seem like the last thing you want to do, but what is wrong with setting little goals throughout the day, weeks, or months. When you have goals and achieve them, it allows you to stay motivated and as a bonus, it makes time fly.

  • Take it one day at a time

These are your last days of high school, ever. There is no next year. So, rather than looking at things like “one long week”, or “too short of a weekend”, just look at the time as one day. Only one day at a time.

  • Think about the 10 weeks of summer vacation you are about to have

After you get through these last weeks of school, you have close to 3 months off.  What else could keep you going than knowing no alarms, no homework, no school related stress for 10 weeks. Just think about it!

  • Realize there is no next year 

You all know after senior year, you are done. Obviously. But seriously think about it, the things you are doing in school are probably the last time you are going to get the chance to. It may seem like it is never going to end, but just  like all things, it will. And you will never get the chance to go back. Even if you hate high school, these 13 years are very much a part of your story that is now coming to an end in a few short weeks. So make the most of it.

  • Lastly, realize that if you can make it 13 years in school, you can make it a few more weeks!!!!  You can beat senioritis!