Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta Update – Good or Bad?

Sean Whitaker, Entertainment & News Writer

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Recently the development team over at Rockstar Studios released an update for the online version of Red Dead Redemption 2. Players have been anticipating this update ever since the release of the online feature for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online back in November of 2018. 

Players were anticipating many improvements and additional content for online. Such as, bank heists, train robberies, more missions etc. Rockstar developers have been very active in listening to feedback over the Red Dead Redemption 2 forums and have “partially” met the demands of players. 

Players requested a bounty system within the game, like that of Rockstar’s sister game Grand Theft Auto Five. What players were met with was a bounty system that penalizes players who participate in dishonorable acts, such as eliminating other players or NPCs, stealing horses and horse carriages, interfering with the law, etc. 

If a player exceeds a bounty of $10.00, that player will then find that they are more prone to the law recognizing them as an outlaw. Players will also notice that at times bounty hunters will be in pursuit of them, so it’s a good idea to pay off your bounty at the nearest post office. 

Additional features in the update were mainly focused on reducing profit from hunting and skinning animal. This was put in place for reasons unknown, but people are assuming that it is just a result of players exploiting animal spawns and turning them in for a large profit. 

Popular fishing spots around the map have had their fish spawns reduced as well. Players have no knowledge of why this nerf was for both hunting and fishing as this update was supposed to benefit the RDR2 Online Economy. 

The last feature that I noticed was the new map system. The map system is very similar to that of GTA V’s map system where it is proximity based. The honor system within RDR2 Online plays in a key factor in the new system. 

 The Honor Scale determines whether or not players are visible to other players. If a player appears as blue on the map, then their honor is maxed. If the player appears as purple, then it’s in between max honor and max dishonor. And if the player has max dishonor, then they will appear as red on the map and be visible to anyone. 

Not only have they added features to online, but they removed a possible feature in the game, which didn’t seem to affect the gameplay of online in a negative manner; this is of course the Guarma-Mexico glitch. 

This gave players the ability to get “out of the map,” where they would then travel through the somewhat textured Mexico part of the game, to get to the area within story mode known as Guarma, which is a tropical location just south of Cuba created to be a part of Chapter 5 within the RDR2 Story. 

This glitch was taken out of the game by the developers for reasons unknown. Players then took to the forums on Reddit where they went to express their opinions on the most recent update. Most players were showing signs of negativity towards the removal of this glitch and other elements of the game that have been in it since the launch of the online feature for Red Dead Redemption 2. 

The Rockstar development team for RDR2 have giving information about further updates to online, and hopefully a full release of the online feature as I forgot to mention that it is still in Beta form, but all games seem to be like this nowadays. 

 Further information about updates will be released in the oncoming future.