5 Places to Visit for Spring Break

Andy Lim, Writer

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Spring break is the break most students look forward to. This break finally ends the year in a bang with the friends you hold dear. Your destination is very important because the destination determines how much fun you will have with your friends and the memories you can create for a eternity. Whether its a last minute plan or something you are planning, this list will help you find the perfect destination to make your break the best it can be.

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1. Cancun- Cancun has a reputation of being that spring break destination. It an experience you wont forget, you have the chance to experience memorizing beaches and amazing scenery. Even if your not much of a beach person, you can experience all kinds of things like the culture, food, and even visit landmarks like the Chichen Itza. Also in downtown there are markets where you can buy local items. With its beautiful beaches and amazing scenery, Cancun is a staple destination for spring break.

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2. Miami- If you are looking for a spring break destination with the perfect balance or relaxation, partying, and modern life, Miami is the place to be. If you want to relax on the beach but go to a shopping mall and eat fast food, you can. There is also many other things you could experience that you wouldn’t have to chance to at home. Miami has everything you would need for a fun spring break. There is many things you can do and you won’t get bored easily.

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3. Bahamas- If you want to relax and enjoy loads of fun water parks and attractions, Bahamas is the place to go. Besides from its beaches, it is also known for its staple water park Atlantis. Atlantis is full of amazing water rides with a lazy river that connects too 2 huge water slides. Even if you get tired of the water park, you could always relax on the beach or experience local life. Bahamas is the perfect place to experience a thrilling adventure but also relax while your doing it.

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4.  Jamaica- Ever get tired of the same old spring break with just relaxing on the beach and partying? Well Jamaica is full of plenty of other things to do on your break. It is a great place to see if you love sight seeing and adventures. You could explore its beautiful forest and lagoons. If you are a big fan of nature and want to truly experience its beauty Jamaica is the perfect place. You can also just relax on the beach if your in to that too.

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5. Puerto Rico- If you are feeling a bit of everything, you should check out Puerto Rico. It has beaches to relax, endless forest to explore, beautiful street life, and famous landmarks. You would find that getting bored in Puerto Rico is a hard thing to do. Every night you could do something different and learn something new. Visit the famous fortress just outside the San Juan harbor for only $5 dollars! This place is the place to be for someone trying to have a spring break full of unforgettable memories.