Spring Break Travel Tips


Alyssa Taugher, Feature Editor


Spring break is finally less than a month away! A time to relax and recharge after all of our stress and hard work from the year so far. There is no doubt that we students deserve a relaxing vacation to have fun, especially if you are about to go on your senior trip. A week to get away and spend with friends and family sure sounds ideal, but, it is so important to remember the few important tips before leaving and being there.

  • Only pack the essentials

Yes, that may be hard, especially when you have planned out many cute outfits and such, but remember that you usually only wear one outfit a day. There is no need for 20 different tops if your only there for a week. Over packing is an easy way to overwhelm yourself, so just take the essentials! Also, leave some room in that suitcase so your able to leave with  more than you came with. Trust me,  you will thank yourself when your able to zip your luggage without breaking a sweat.

  • Remember to enjoy the moment when you are still in it

This tip can be super hard to remember for everyone. Try to go without your phone as much as you can. There is nothing worse than when you are trying to have a fun time but your friend is too worried about how many likes her instagram picture is getting or if someone in particular didn`t see their story yet. Relax. Everyone can wait to see your vacation pictures until you get back. Just enjoy the moment while you are still in it because it  for sure goes by way too fast.

  • Don`t over do it

Okay, it is no secret on why some parents worry about spring break. We all know by this age what actually can happen on these trips. Be responsible. You may not realize how bad a situation can get until its already happening. So just be aware of everything going on. Listen to your parents. No one is trying to take your fun away! They are just looking out for you, so again, just be responsible and SAFE.

  • Create a code word

Yes, create a word to use to let your friends no your feeling unsafe. As crazy as that may sound, like I said before, we all know what can happen on these trips, and unfortunately people make impulsive decisions that can put their safety at risk. So, what is the harm in just creating a word that may literally save you, especially is you are traveling outside of the states. Nothing. So just do it to be safe.

  • Take a copy of your passport

If you are traveling out of the country for break, just take a copy. Again, just like the code word – there is no harm in doing it. There would be no worse ending to a vacation than realizing you misplaced your original passport!

  • Wear sunscreen

As much as we all love being tan and getting that summer glow before summer even starts, wear sunscreen. You can build up your tan throughout the week! From first hand experience, getting a terrible sun burn is one of the easiest ways to make yourself miserable during the week; by the time it clears up it will be time to return back home. The least you can do is just wearing SPF 15 if your hesitant about it.

  • Without jinxing it, check the forecast before you leave

I know, checking the weather before you leave is believed to be a jinx for the trip. But, again, let me tell you from first hand experience, packing all clothes for 80 degree weather and having it turn out to be 60 degrees most days is not the best situation to be in.

  • Take some time for YOU

Yes, spring break is all about the socialization with friends and family, but we all know what can happen if you spend too much time with someone; you may get sick of them. As much as you think it won`t happen because they are your best friends. It may. So when you feel you need a break, take one! No one is stopping you.

  • Be flexible

I know when our vacation is approaching, it is hard not to plan out every minute of it. Just keep an open mind and realize not everything can go as planned, and that is okay! If you find your perfect beach day now calls for rain, just brush it off and find something else to do. There is no point to get in a bad mood over something you can`t control.

  • Lastly, remember to HAVE FUN! (responsibly)

This break is all about celebrating the things you have achieved over the past year and giving yourself a break from reality. So make the most of it and DON`T get caught up it in little things.