CJ Barrymore’s New Attractions

Gabby Jones, News Writer

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Coming this Spring, CJ Barrymore’s is adding four new attractions to their park.  Last summer Barrymore’s added their “Loop Roller Coaster” and their “Soaring Eagle Zip Line”.  Those two rides were a huge hit during the warm summer days.  Now Barrymore’s is thinking bigger and better.  They are adding a 130 ft “Drop Tower”, a 110 ft Ferris Wheel, a “Saddle Swing” and a “Spinning Coaster”.  The “Drop Tower” holds five people and costs $8.00 per ride.   The “Saddle Swing” is a slingshot that launches the passenger 120 ft into the sky, definitely sounds thrilling.  This ride only holds two passengers and costs $10.00 per passenger.  The “Spinning Coaster” are spinning vehicles on a figure eight styled track.  The vehicles can hold up to 4 people and have steering wheels used to freely spin the cart around.  The ride only costs $7.00 per person.  CJ Barrymore’s adding these rides will make Macomb County more interesting, for sure.  CJ Barrymore’s is right down the street from Dakota High School, meaning students don’t have to travel far for an amusement park anymore.