The Teaser Trailer For Frozen II Came Out And Everyone’s Freaking Out

Samantha Vasseur, Managing Editor

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“Frozen II” COMES OUT NOVEMBER 22! (screams internally)

In case you’ve lived under a rock all of 2013 and haven’t seen the first movie in the now sequel “frozen” you may not be familiar with the newest Disney princess and queen.

To summarize the movie in the shortest way possible Elsa has ice powers and after almost killing her sister Anna when they were children, had locked herself us in her room most of her life. Their parents die and Elsa is supposed to be queen runs away and her sister goes after her. They have a happy ending and her sister comes back to become Queen of Arendelle.

Anyway, the sequels trailer just came out and has revealed some new faces.

But that’s not the only thing people have seen. In every scene all the characters look to be in distress and people can’t help to wonder why. None of the plot details have been relieved but what we do know is that Idina Menzel (Elsa), Kristen Bell (Anna), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff), and Josh Gad (Olaf) will be reprising their well known and loved roles.

Will you be seeing Frozen II?