How To Study For Midterms The Right Way

Alyssa Taugher, Feature Editor

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With midterms coming up this week, it is safe to say that almost every student will have stress, whether it be about one specific class, or all of them, taking a test that is 20% of your grade is intimidating. Not only is it stressful to actually take the exam, it is definitely stressful to manage the time, and your energy to study the right way for them! By  following just a few of these tips, you may find your self without as much stress leading up to exams.


  • One subject at once

Lets say you have 6 classes, 6 exams. I`m sure your teachers have given you review packets with a due date, so if  you need to do more than one a day so you can meet the deadline, you should. But find time to dedicate it to one subject specifically. If you want to review for algebra, only have you algebra materials out. That way you wont be thinking about finishing you chemistry packet while you are trying to focus on algebra. One subject at a time.

  • Take frequent breaks

No one wants to sit and study for hours at a time. Find what works for you, but, lets say you study well in 30 minute intervals, then work hard for a half hour, then a quick break. Taking short but frequent breaks is good for your attention span; it will help keep you more focused and help to prepare you for those exams!

  • Look at old tests/quizzes

What better way to study than looking over your mistakes? Chances are, if you knew how to do something on a test, you will still know how to do it. So, don’t waste your time studying things you already know how to do. Looking at mistakes you made will help you to not make that mistake again in the future; like on the midterm exam!

  • Study in a calm environment

By this point, most people have experienced studying and being distracted by things like family members, your phone, the TV, etc. Because of that, studying at home isn’t always a great idea. Places like libraries, local coffee shops, or even just your room with the TV off make great places without too much distraction.

  • Use study tools

Flashcards, or quizlet, which ever one, was made to help you, so use them! Not only are they great for people on the go, you will also get great study time by creating them. It’s a win win situation!

  • Get a study buddy

It is always nice to have someone to help you review, and it makes it more fun! Link up with a friend in the same class as you and get together with them to study. You get to hangout with a friend and get study time in. You can’t go wrong with that!

  • Try not to stress too much

I know, that sounds crazy. How would you not stress when you have 6 exams in 3 days? But trust me, all the work you put into the semester, and all the studying you did for these exams will pay off! You will do great!