Guest Column: Defining Leadership

Jamal Chubb, Guest Columnist

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Leadership nowadays is often mistaken as a person who takes charge of a large group of people and leads them to success. Although some of this can be true, there is more to leadership than what people usually expect. Defining leadership means having the effort to make a difference in someone’s life even if you succeed or not. It doesn’t matter the number of lives you change, it matters on what you do to change it. Anyone can be a leader and a big contributor comes from social media. Social media can take your ideas and spread them all over the world in seconds. No matter how many followers you have whether its 1 or its 100 million, it only takes one person to share it for it to make a big impact on someone’s life. But some people don’t necessarily get attention because they have led people in the right or wrong direction. Some peoples acts goes unnoticed but typically there is a reason why.

A leader who doesn’t receive a lot of attention in today’s world is Donald Trump. People don’t give him respect as a leader because of his beliefs and his acts during and before his presidency. Even though his beliefs and acts are very much unsupported by most Americans, he is still the country’s leader because he represents the country as one figure. He still changes people’s lives through his words and gives his supporters what they want to hear. One way he can improve as a leader is control his twitter activity because he can be ignorant on some of the topics he talks about. Also, he could be a little more humble and less conceited and like some of the past presidents, practices what he preaches. He has a tendency to hype himself up and tell everyone what he is going to do for the country but yet nothing gets done. The end of his term is approaching soon so if he wants to have another shot at leading the country, he has a lot of work to do.