Guest Column: A Guide to Leadership

Olivia Zueski, Guest Columnist

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Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. You can be a leader of yourself or others around you. Being a leader includes having the characteristics like honesty, confidence, communication, dedication, and positivity. To have honesty you can always tell the truth and never lie to the teachers or others. For example, if you know someone that is being mean to others, you should tell an adult about it and tell them the truth. To have confidence, you must not hesitate.

You should always do what you feel is right. If you feel that it is not right if someone is cheating, then do not hesitate to tell the teacher about how you feel. Or if someone is having troubles then you should not hesitate to go up to them. You should go up and ask them if they need help. Like if an elderly person is having trouble with something then you can go up to them and ask before helping.

Having communication is socializing with others around you. If you see a new student sitting alone, go up to them and start a conversation with them. It will make them feel better and feel happier. And if you join a new club and don’t know anyone, then you can try to talk to others and become friends with them. To have dedication is to be motivated to do things and to help others and get things done. Joining a competition or project and putting your best into it to make it your best is dedication.

And lastly, to have positivity is by being happy most of the time to yourself and others. Being positive can make you and others feel better. Sometimes we just need a little boost and telling someone a positive thing can be just the right thing to make them happier than they were before. If you weren’t a leader before, you can become a leader now. You don’t have to follow these characteristics exactly, but it’s a good guide to follow. There are many other characteristics than the ones I’ve talked about. For example, there is also the characteristics of creativity, sense of humor, intuition, ability to inspire, and many more. To conclude, being a leader can lead you to successful roads in your life and an make you a happier and better person.