Lindsay Lohan Gets Punched in the Face After Trying to Kidnap Syrian Children

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December 24, 2018

Recently, Lindsay Lohan was in Russia and went on her Instagram live to document a Syrian refugee family sleeping outside. Lindsay approached the family and asked them to tell her their story so she could help them. She offered to buy them a hotel room but the family declined. In an Arabic accent, she told the boys, “I’ll take care of you” and that it “would be so cool to watch movies on a TV or a computer.” The family began walking away with their things.

After this, Lindsay starts insulting the mother by saying she isn’t taking care of her children and accuses the family of human trafficking. She yells something in broken Arabic and says “I won’t leave until I take you.”

At this point, Lindsay is following the family and yelling about how they’re ruining “Arab culture.” She also says “don’t f–k with Pakistan.”

But when Lindsay tries to grab one of the boys’ hands, the mother turns around and seemingly punches Lindsay in the face. Her phone drops to the ground and talks to the camera while holding her cheek. She ends the live by saying “I’m like, in shock, people” with her fake Arabic accent now gone.