Two Ends of the Spectrum: First Month Reflection

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Two Ends of the Spectrum: First Month Reflection

Jillian Clonan, Feature Editor

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The first month of school has come and gone, and students at Dakota are finally settled in for the year ahead. These first few weeks tend to be chaotic as everyone attempts to adjust their routines during the school day, and factor in their extra-curricular schedules as well. I invited two students, senior, Hannah Faustyn, and freshman, Rachel Schneider, to reflect on their school year so far and see how their opposite grade levels affected their answers:  

Question: How has you school year been so far?  

Rachel: Pretty fun. It’s been a little difficult adjusting but I’m getting used to it now.   

Hannah: It’s been fun. I think my classes are going by a lot faster because I had more freedom to choose, and it’s fun because everyone is really excited for senior year.  


Q: What is your favorite class this year?  

R: I really like biology with Mr. Pfannes. He makes the class really fun and interesting  

H: Definitely Spanish IV, the games we play are really fun, and we’re at the point where we can converse in Spanish for most of the class period, and I love it.  


Q: Is this year better or worse than last year?  

R: Better, for sure. I like that my classes are more challenging  

H: So much better! Less homework, less stress, less problems  


Q: Is this year turning out the way you expected it to?  

R: It’s pretty close to how I was expecting. I see my friends more than I thought I would.  

H: No, not really. I thought there would be a lot more on my plate, but it has been manageable.  


Q: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?  

R: I guess just learning more and meeting new people. I’m also to continue doing band.  

H: Graduating, of course, and hearing back from colleges I apply for. Also, just having a fun school year, so many of my classes are really enjoyable. Like my AP Lit class, it’s such a great group of people and we have a great time.