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Seniors, Go Watch Lady Bird!

Seniors, Go Watch Lady Bird!

I insist that every senior at this school see Lady Bird as soon as possible.

WHether you’re a boy or a girl. I guarantee everyone will see themselves in this character and in this story, in one aspect or another. I just love the fact that Greta Gerwig had Saoirse Ronan not cover up her acne in the film. I loved that subtle touch to this film. It just adds this sense of realism that many other films just don’t care about.

It is such a nice movie. It’s just warm and inviting. It’s the visual representation of a hug. After hearing about this film for the over a year. I’m always worried that with something being overhyped into oblivion, no matter how good. It’ll always have a degree of disappointment. That was not the case for this film. I want to recommend it now to everyone who hasn’t watched it because it’s so good. It’s so good.

It was like watching a movie that was somehow filmed on a Polaroid camera.

I feel like that statement pretty much sums up this film. It also ties in to the central theme of vintage memories. Appreciate what you have. Appreciate who you have because once it’s gone, you’ll only have the memory. Acknowledge the little things. Which is ironically why you should see this film. It may seem like a fine little coming of age film but there’s so much more nuance to Greta Gerwig’s script.

This is definitely not boringly shot at all. Greta Gerwig directed her soul into this film. The passion is all there on the screen. The dialogue is so natural and funny too. The editing is quick and snappy also. It’s so good on every level. Including the acting in this. Saoirse Ronan is such a compelling lead in this. You sympathize with her and root for her. Also feel bad when she’s makes bad decisions. She’s hilarious at times also. This is a really funny movie.

The Mom played by Laurie Metcalf is great too. Their relationship is so important in this story. You see things from both Lady Bird’s and Her Mom’s points of views. This film is not one sided. You see flaws in both of them. Timothee Chalamet is insufferable in this film. Maybe he’s actually very charming in real life. He was nominated for Call Me By Your Name so he must be compelling but wow do you want to punch him in this film. It’s because there are people like him that you’ve probably met before in your life.

Whatever stage of your life you’re in, stop and watch this film.

Also, I absolutely love that visual gag of Lady Bird and her friend laying on the floor, eating from a jar of communion crackers.

see this movie, Seniors!

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