Holiday Craft: Penguin

Alex Brittain and Linda Lazareanu, Photographers

If you’re looking for a fun craft to spice up your home for the holidays this simple penguin craft is just what you need. Follow the step b step instructions to make your very own fluffy penguin.

To begin this craft you will need orange, blue, and white construction paper, along with glue, scissors, cotton balls, and a compass.

Draw a large circle for the body of the penguin and a smaller one for the head using the compass.
example shown above.
Carefully pull some cotton balls from all sides to fluff them up and make them look fuller. Do not pull apart. completely.
Glue the fluffed cotton balls to the big and small circles. This will be the body and head.
Draw a slightly larger circle around the small circle using black construction paper. This will be the top of its head.
Glue both papers together.
Using black construction paper, cut two half moon shapes for wings and glue them to the bag of the large circle.
Cut out feet, and any additional accessories you want to add.

Glue the entire back of the penguin so it can be glued to a backround.
We chose to use a blue background but the color choice is up to you.
To make trees, fold a green paper in half and draw half of your tree, then cut out and unfold.
For snowtopped trees pull apart small pieces of cotton balls to glue on at the end.