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She’s The First: New Club Interview

Alex Brittain and Linda Lazareanu, Photographers

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Here at Dakota High School we are honored to have the opportunity to be involved in so many interesting clubs that not only help the community but open up doors to new possibilities close to home. She’s The First, is a new club we have at Dakota so we felt the need to investigate and tell the readers of the Dakota Planet what it is all about. Here’s the scoop.

Q:What is the meaning behind the club ?

A:The meaning behind this club is to help a girl in a developing country be the first one in her family to get a chance to get a higher level of education.  The girls that will be helped will go to advance their studies in Secondary education. 

Q:What is your long term goal for the club?

A:We want to be able to raise money to send as many girls as possible to school.

Q:How does your club plan to accomplish this goal?

A:We are going to raise money through fundraisers to send to these girls to school. It costs about 400$ a year for one girl for one year, the website  has more information.

Q:When do the meetings take place? How long?

A:The meetings will be held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday’s of every month. December 14th will be the next meeting, and January 11th will be the following. Both Meetings will be at 2:20 PM in room 136 and they will be approximately 20 minutes. For any questions you can email Ms. Catanzaro.

Q:What type of people would be good for the club?

A:Anyone who wants to help make a difference and help people less fortunate get access to education. Also anyone who loves helping the Community.

Q:What inspired you to start the club?

A:The club was actually started by a group of students who researched the idea and came asking for me to be the adviser. Dakota has those students to thank for being the leaders of this club.

Q:What countries will you be reaching out to?

A: Many developing countries in Africa and Asia but there is probably a lot more. ( Please refer to the website for more details )

Q:Can you help without being a part of the club?

A:Yes, anyone can come to help us with fundraisers or donating money to them would be a big help.

Q:You mentioned fundraisers, how many do you plan to do?

A:Several, we are a new club so the dates for these fundraisers have not been determined yet but we hope to have a few dinner fundraisers in the near future. 

Q: We have to ask, how was the turnout for your first meeting?

A:Thirty people came to our first meeting so we had an excellent turnout!

Dakota’s She’s The First Club has an awesome Twitter page you should check out to receive info about meetings and how this national club is helping girls around the world. Twitter: @Stf_dakota  Thank you for showing your support and thank you to Ms. Catanzaro for taking the time to meet with us.

Be a part of something great.

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