Why the Senior Project isn’t that Bad

Why the Senior Project isnt that Bad

Madison Short, Writer

My junior year of high school around the time of scheduling for my senior year, I was warned to take AP Language or AP Literature so that I would not have to do the big and scary senior project. Clearly, I did not listen to this advice and found myself enjoying English like I always have in my previous years of high school and even middle school for that matter. Then, we approached the week before Spring Break where the words “Senior Project” made their way out of Mr. Mcleod’s mouth. This was the week where we would begin the one thing that we would be putting all our time and dedication into for the remainder of the year in that class.  

The best thing about this project is that you are able to pick the topic that you want to conduct all your research on. Because you can choose the topic, as long as you come forward with something that matters deeply to you, and you would like to learn more about, the rest of the project should not be difficult at all.  

I believed the source notes and annotated bibliography to be the easiest parts because they were only based off the six websites you were required to research. All this information set you up for when it was time to create your essay which made it go by much quicker if you had all of your assignments already turned in.  

After turning in my essay, I felt instant relief because the entire process went by smoothly for me even though I procrastinate when to do most of my work. The day after the essay was due, the website portion was explained and picking the date of our presentation. 

The website was simple, and all the information you needed had already been put into your essay or left behind in your annotated bibliography or source notes. The part that I was worried about most was standing in front of my class with around thirty students in it and talking for five to seven minutes.  

I picked one of the earliest days so that I could just get it over with and made note cards for when I was practicing for my friends. As I talked to people who had already presented it seemed as though everyone was telling me that “it was not that bad.” It took me a while to realize everyone in the class would feel like how I was when they got up in front of the room and started talking.  

Now that my senior project is done, I can proudly say it was really not that bad.