Cedar Point


Ericka Stamps, Team Member

Cedar point is one of the biggest amusement parks in Michigan. They officially opened on May 6th, 2023. During the time they were closed for the winter, they upgraded some of the rides and the park. A fan favorite “Top Thrill Dragster” was taken out of the park because of multiple errors, but rumors have it that it will be returning in 2024 and staying for good. They have replaced the dragster with a new roller coaster called “Wild Mouse”. The Wild Mouse is a roller coaster that has 2 rides going at once and you control the cart you sit in, and your cart and the other cart will be in a race to the finish line to the cheese. Cedar point has also opened “The Boardwalk”. The Boardwalk is an entire new area in the park that has family attractions, Cedar Point’s Grand Pavillion, and a new dining area. If you plan on staying for couple of days, Cedar Point has many places to stay such as Hotel breakers, Lighthouse point, Express hotel, Castaway Bay, and Sawmill creek. Most of the hotels either come with tickets for Cedar Point or the waterpark or you can get tickets for both places if you stay at Castaway Bay. This is a great summer trip to experience with friends and family for one or more days also. 


  • Daily passes- $49.99- Includes free parking and all-day drinks 
  • 2-day pass-$79.00- Includes waterpark, free parking, all day drinks 
  • 2023 Summer pass- $105- Includes parking 
  • 2023 Gold pass-$140-Includes waterpark 
  • 2023 Platinum Pass-$280-All Cedar fair parks 
  • 2023 Prestige Pass-$350- Loaded with perks 

Group Tickets- 15-99 people/Military 

  • Group admission- $44.99 
  • Group admission + All-day drinks- $51.99 
  • Group admission + Meal-$56.49 
  • 2 day any group admission- $75- includes waterparks 
  • Military days-FREE 
  • Military admission tickets-$44.99, purchase up to 6 tickets 

Specials on tickets 

  • Bring-a-friend tickets-$34.99, purchase up to 6 tickets 
  • Funday Bundle- $69.99, includes free parking and all-day dining 
  • After 4pm tickets-$39.99 

Fast passes 

  • Regular fast lane-$95, includes 22 rides & attractions 
  • Fast lane plus-$115, unlimited visits 
  • Season pass fast lane-$950, unlimited visits 

Dining and Drink Deals 

  • Single meal deal- $15.99 
  • All-day dining-$31.99 
  • Premium all-day dining-$44.99, FREE refills 
  • All season dining-$105, max of 2 meals per day 
  • Souvenir or drink wristbands-$16.99, FREE refills 
  • All season drink bottles-$34.99, FREE refills 
  • Season pass drink plan paper cup-$34.99, FREE refills 

All tickets and deals do not include tax. These prices are around average and depending on the days you go the price will change. During the weekdays the tickets are cheaper and during the weekend the tickets are more expensive. If you pay at the gate, they will be even more expensive. 

Rides/Thrill level 

  • Blue streak 4/5 
  • Corkscrew 5/5 
  • Gatekeeper 5/5 
  • Gemini 5/5 
  • Iron dragon 4/5 
  • Magnum xl-200 5/5 
  • Maverick 5/5 
  • Millenium force 5/5 
  • Raptor 5/5 
  • Rougarou 5/5 
  • Steel vengeance 5/5 
  • Valravn 5/5 
  • Wild mouse 4/5 
  • Matterhorn 3/5 
  • MaXair 5/5 
  • Ocean motion 3/5 
  • Power tower 5/5 
  • Skyhawk 5/5 
  • Slingshot 5/5 
  • Wind seeker 4/5 
  • Atomic scrambler 3/5 
  • Super Himalaya 3/5 

Hours- 10am-8pm 

Opened 7 days a week 

Opens May 2023- October 2023