Dakota Club Spotlight: Spanish Honors Society



Alyssa Wend, Writer

At Dakota, students have the opportunity to choose from three world language classes: Spanish, French, and German. As they progress further in courses, they also are able to become a part of each language’s Honors Societies. In these clubs, students get the chance to further develop and hone their language skills, while also participating in activities that explore the cultures that their language is a part of. In this article, we will take a closer look at Dakota High School’s Spanish Honors Society. 

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH), which translates to Spanish Honors Society, became a Dakota club back in 2021. Club members attend meetings once a month (which typically take place Thursday mornings before school) as well as community events. Two of this year’s events took place right across the street at Cheyenne Elementary. The first one involved SHH members visiting fifth grade classrooms to do a presentation about The Day of the Dead and make a craft with the students. For the second visit, the SHH went to kindergarten and first grade classrooms to read a book in both Spanish and English. Both of these visits were planned in an effort to teach the community about the Spanish language and culture. Other activities that the SHH has done in the past include gift wrapping for charity, decorating  Dakota bulletin boards for Christmas, and tutoring 9th grade Spanish 1 students before midterm exams. 

For those interested in joining SHH for the upcoming school year, they must first meet the requirements of at least three completed semesters of Spanish and being enrolled in Spanish 3 or 4. Club applications are typically sent out in the fall, so if you are interested in joining, be sure to fill out a form! 

For more information on Dakota’s SHH, visit this link: https://dakotashh.weebly.com/