Kathryn Old, Writer

The day started off normal, Allie was late for school again. It was the start of her senior year, and she already was stuck in the bad habit of being late. She grabbed her bag and hopped into her 2008 Red Jeep Wrangler. She checked her watch and it read 8:11, school started at 8. “Mom is going to kill me” she thought in her head. Allie didn’t care too much about school, or really anything at all.  

Allie read the “Skyline High School” sign as she pulled into her freshly painted parking spot. As Allie ran up to the school, her watch beeped at her. She looked down at it and saw it start to go counterclockwise. Allie felt a rush of wind past her and as she blinked her eyes she was back in her bed.  

Confused, Allie quickly looked down at her watch and it read 7:00. She hesitantly got up from her bed realizing that she was back in her pajamas. “What is going on?” Allie thought in her head. She checked her phone and texted her best friend, Layla.  

“Has anything weird happened to you today?”  

“Uh no, why?” 

“Time has just been weird today for me. Idk”  

Allie didn’t understand what was going on or why, but she tried to keep going through her redo morning. She realized that she had time to get ready and get to school. Allie took her time getting ready. She showered and did her makeup. When she made it downstairs, she still had enough time to eat breakfast, which was a scarcity in her usual morning routine. She made herself peanut butter toast with a banana.  

After Allie finished her breakfast, she grabbed her lunch out of the fridge and headed out the door to school 20 minutes before school started. She pulled into the parking lot and parked in her spot. Allie had time to sit in her car and wait to go in, so she sat on her phone for a few minutes. When it was finally time to go in, she grabbed her bag and walked into the school. 


Allie turned around to see Layla walking up behind her. 

“You aren’t late? What’s going on?” The sarcasm slipped out of her mouth with ease.  

“Ha ha ha, really funny Layla” Allie rolled her eyes as she kept walking to her first hour. 

“No actually what was your text this morning for?” 

“It was nothing. I just thought I already woke up this but maybe it was just déjà vu or something like that.”  

“Uh that’s weird but alright. I’ll see you in fourth hour,” Layla split off with her to go to her class.  

As Allie walked into her first hour with Mr. Davis, she realized she had homework last night due at the start of the hour. “Crap” she thought, “Only if the same thing that happened this morning would happen again. As she thought that though she heard her watch beep and looked down. Right on cue as it happened again for the second time this morning, she felt a rush of wind blow her hair away from her face and as she blinked and opened her eyes again, she was back in her bed with the clock reading 7:00.  

“This is getting really weird”  

Allie again got up from her bed and got ready for school. She didn’t put as much time into getting ready so that she could finish her homework that was due in her first hour class. As she finished, she realized that she had to go to leave now or else she was going to be late.  

For the third time that morning she got into her red 2008 Jeep Wrangler and drove to the school parking lot. She walked into school and started walking to Mr. Davis’s classroom.  


Allie turned around to see Layla walking up behind her again. This was all feeling weird to Allie. It was déjà vu over and over again. 

“You aren’t late? What’s going on?” she said it with sarcasm just like she did the first time. 

“That’s funny Layla…” Allie was hesitant about having to redo this day again, so she tried to keep their conversation the same.  

Allie split up with Layla after their eerily similar conversation and walked into Mr. Davis’s room. When she sat down at her desk, she pulled out the homework that was due this morning. Allie kept getting nervous that she would hear her watch beep and she would be sent back to 7:00 am this morning all over again for the third time today. 

Her day went smoothly up until her fifth hour class which was chemistry. She realized that she had a big chapter test that again she wasn’t prepared for. She was expecting her watch to beep and to be sent back to 7 am.  

She heard her watch beep and prepared herself to be back in her bedroom with the time being 7 am. She closed her eyes and opened them again. She was still in her chemistry classroom sitting at her desk. She looked down on at her watch and it read “Time matters.”  

Allie had to take accountability for her chemistry test, but she did get a second chance with being late to school and forgetting her homework.  

Today was the day that Allie realized that the things she did and didn’t do actually do matter. She was given a second chance during the day to redo the things that she should’ve done that would help her in her future. She learned that she has to manage her time better to be the person she wants to be and grow rather than live the same day over and over making the same mistakes.