St Patrick’s Day Treats

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Isabella Aluia, Writer

St Patrick’s Day Treats! 

McDonalds- Shamrock Shake 

The McDonalds Shamrock Shake is an annual menu item that is available this year February 20th through March 17th (St Patrick’s day). This shake is mint flavored and topped off with whipped cream. It also comes in an Oreo flavor which is the same minty shake but with Oreo bits dispersed throughout the shake.  


Crumble Cookie- Mallow Creme ft. Lucky Charms, Sugar Cookie  

For this St Patrick’s day Crumble Cookie has 2 holiday cookies: Mallow Creme ft. Lucky Charms and a golden coin decorated Sugar Cookie. The Mallow Crème cookie is a vanilla cookie with white chocolate chips. It is topped with vanilla marshmallow frosting and marshmallows from lucky charms cereal. The Sugar Cookie is a typical sugar cookie, but it is decorated. It has frosting on it that makes it look like a gold coin for St Patrick’s Day.  


Dairy Queen- Under the Rainbow Shake 

The Under the Rainbow Shake is a typical vanilla ice cream shake blended with rainbow sprinkles and a fruity cereal. It is then topped off with whipped cream and more sprinkles and cereal. This drink is available in small, medium, and large sizes.