Cougar Choice Awards


Ericka Stamps, Team Member

Cougar choice awards are awards handed out to the seniors based on their characteristics they have shown throughout the school year. There are 24 awards for boys and girls.  


Category 1- Appearance 

  • Best dressed 
  • Best glow-up 
  • Best eyes 
  • Best smile 
  • Best hair 
  • Pj king/queen 


Category 2- Talents 

  • Most artistic  
  • Best voice 
  • Most likely to go pro 
  • Biggest gym rat 
  • Most talented musician 
  • Best dancer 


Category 3- Personality 

  • Most likely to brighten your day 
  • Bleacher creature 
  • Most likely to be late to graduation 
  • Most likely to be president 
  • Class clown 
  • Most likely to be a billionaire 
  • Worst case of senioritis 
  • Most likely to get aux 
  • Next Einstein 


Category 4- Duos 

  • Should’ve been sisters 
  • Cutest couple 
  • Bromance  


The final voting will take place the week before spring break. On April 12th there will be an assembly for the winners during 1st hour. Teachers are allowed to bring their class to the assembly and must RSVP to Mrs. Young by Friday March 31st. If you are nominated, you will receive an email this week from Mrs. Young.