Spring Sports and Girl’s Lacrosse

Mackenzie Patenaude, Writer

Looking for something to make the rest of the school year fly by? Springs sports are right around the corner- well actually, they start next week! 

Playing a sport is a great way to make new friends, stay healthy, and be involved with your school. Luckily, Dakota has many sports to offer- especially in the spring. Here are the sports available: 

Girl’s Lacrosse 

Boy’s and Girl’s Track and Field 



Girl’s Soccer 

Girl’s Tennis 

All spring sports try-out will be held  Monday, March 13, Tuesday, March 14, and Wednesday, March 15 2023. If you’d like to try out for anything, be sure to go to https://dakotaathletics.com/ to find the head coach of each team’s contact information, where you can receive the necessary paper work and information to attend.

Many people do not know that Dakota offers girl’s lacrosse! The reason is often because the women’s lacrosse team practices and plays most of their games at Chippewa Valley High School. Coached by Mrs. Haller and Mr. Cuni of CVHS, the team is “Chippewa United”, combined with players from both of CVS’s High Schools. Differing from Dakota sports, to try out, you have to take your physical to the Chippewa Valley High School Athletic office for a tryout card, and register for a try-out slot at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdGFryV_8Kr28GjXt5ODX61JPU-FWkc14eUMTRPI_EdoHmDGg/viewform?fbclid=PAAaYRcbxkIQnjraOGhRfhT83yJBJMI-6mlKAUHKzbW1O1G9CjCu49-jPIQ_Q  . This is a great group of girls and an amazing sport. It is also a good opportunity for beginners interested in starting lacrosse or a sport in general. If you are interested, lacrosse will not disappoint! 

We wish the best of luck to everyone trying out- go cougars!