Spring Sports

Spring Sports

Ericka Stamps, Team Member

As we come to the end of the school year, there are many more sports that can bring a win back home. Spring sports are more towards the end of the school year and usually start in March. There are boys and girls’ sports going on and sports combining boys and girls. Every spring sports tryout starts on March 13th and goes on until the end of the school year. 




Varsity coach- Matt Carley (586) 723-2974  [email protected] 

JV coach- Matt Lewis (586) 723-2805 [email protected] 

Freshmen coach- Kevin Bogoff (586) 723-2616  [email protected] 



Girls- Head coach- Dave Prestininizi (586) 723-2805  [email protected] 

Boys- Head coach- Justin Taurence (586) 723-3432  [email protected]  



Head coaches- Mike Benavides (586) 723-3746 [email protected]  

Rob Dameron (586) 723-2805  [email protected] 




Varsity coach- Stefano Moraccini (586) 723-2805 [email protected] 

JVA coach- Gary Schodowski (586) 723-2805 [email protected] 

JVB coach- Andrea Lipari (586)723-2805 [email protected] 



Varsity coach- Gary Schodowski (586) 723-2805 [email protected] 

JVA coach- Igor Blazevski (586) 723-2805 [email protected] 

JVB coach- Meagan Mousty (586) 723-2805 [email protected] 



Varsity coach- Dan Vitale (586) 723-2805 [email protected] 

Jv coach- Joe Morrow (586) 723-2938 [email protected] 

Freshmen coach- Rob Allaire (586) 723-2988 [email protected]  



Varsity coach- Hunter Stark (586) 723-2805 [email protected] 

Jv coach- Isabella Russo (586) 723-2805 [email protected] 


Track & Field 

Head coach- Mike Timpa (586) 723-2951 [email protected]  


Athletic Administration 

Athletic Director- Shane Finney (586) 723-2802 [email protected] 

Athletic Secretary- Dawn Tocco (586) 723-2805 [email protected] 

Athletic Trainer- Melissa Vincke (586) 723-2806 [email protected] 


If you need any more information regarding the sport/sports, you want to play you can contact the coaches and/or the athletic administration for questions. Physicals can also be picked up in the office, or athletic office or can be printed from the MHSAA website and must be dated on or after April 15 of the previous school year.