Two New Universal Parks Coming Soon!


Concept art of Universal’s new park coming to Texas.

Alyssa Wend, Writer

On January 11th, Universal Studios announced plans for the construction of two new attractions. The announcement came just one day after their biggest competitor, Disney, announced their intentions to finally open their Tron-themed rollercoaster following a nearly five-year wait. Universal’s new attractions will be smaller and have more specific target audiences than their existing establishments. 

Year-Round Fear 

Universal has seen tremendous success in the horror-attraction industry, with their annual Halloween Horror Nights event that takes place at their existing Hollywood and Orlando locations. Hoping to build upon that success, Universal will be opening a horror-themed attraction in Las Vegas. This new park will be open year-round, allowing guests to experience thrilling frights even in the middle of July. According to an article linked to Universal’s company website, the 110,000 square-foot space will become a place to “bring to life Universal’s vast library of classic horror films” through the means of “immersive horror-centric experiences” such as restaurants and seasonal events. The plan for the park is to be continuously updated throughout the years, so there will always be something new. There is no word yet on when it will open. 

Family Fun 

The second attraction that Universal announced is a park that will be constructed in Frisco, Texas. It will be a place aimed at families with small children. While Universal’s current locations already have plenty of family-friendly rides, there is not a huge emphasis on attractions available for small children to enjoy. The new Texas park would solve this problem for families with young kids who still want to experience what Universal has to offer. An article linked to Universal’s website states that the park will feature “a lush green landscape” with “immersive themed lands,” and will be filled with characters. Just like the Las Vegas attraction, there is no knowledge yet on when the family park will open. 


Concept art of Universal’s new park coming to Texas.