How to Spend a Snow Day

How to Spend a Snow Day

Mackenzie Patenaude, Writer

Living in Michigan, it is somewhat of a shock that our first snow day of the year was at the end of January. But, knowing the Midwest weather, it is not unreasonable to hope for many more. Here are some ideas for how to spend these (hopefully) upcoming snow days, and how your peers spent their day off!

  1. Go sledding- Snow means sledding! There are many hills near by available for public use, so bring out your inner child and enjoy some winter fun!
  2. Make a snowman/ Have a snowball fight- Again, a snow day is perfect for just being a kid for the day. Make a snowman, challenge your friends to a snowball fight, build a snow fort- it is healthy to relax and enjoy some childlike fun for a day.
  3. Catch up on homework- We all have a missing assignment, or a project being pushed off, or a small piece of homework to finish. Snow days are a great opportunity to catch up and get things in order.
  4. Clean your room- Cleaning a room is something we constantly push off because there “isn’t enough time”.  A snow day allows unexpected time- which means no excuses- so it’s wise to finally get some cleaning done!
  5. Board games- If it is too cold to go outside, or the roads are too bad to drive anywhere, board games are a great way to kill time while enjoying friends and family.
  6. Make hot chocolate- After spending time outdoors in the cold, a cup of hot cocoa is the perfect way to wind down. You can add marshmallows, left over Christmas Candy Canes, whipped cream, cinnamon, or sprinkles to spice it up!
  7. Bake cookies- This is a way to have fun while staying warm indoors. Plus, everyone loves cookies.
  8. Organize your closet- Closets  can get messy, and getting rid of things is a struggle for many people. The unexpected free time of a snow day is a great opportunity to devote time to something you don’t quite “want” to do.
  9. Have a movie day with friends- Do you and your best friends have a “To Watch” list? Grab some popcorn and finally. cross off some of the movies you guys have planned to see together!
  10. Read a book- There is nothing like snuggling under a warm blanket on a cold day! Reading is a cozy and beneficial way to relax on a day off.

For more suggestions, we asked some students how they spent their snow days, and here’s what they said:

“I washed my sheets… and hung out with my boyfriend and went to work.” Ryenne Ashworth, 12

“I went to the D.I.A.” Miles Brooks, 12

“I went sledding with friends, we had a snowman making competition, and then we went out to eat at Leo’s!” Brynn Miller, 12

“Snow balls.” Dale Brown, 11

“I slept in, shoveled my drive way, and then played in the snow with my dog.” Megan Teremi, 11

“I went to work, shoveled snow, and had a lot of coffee and donuts.” Makenna Vanhorn, 10

“I made cinnamon rolls.” Ellie Snodgrass, 12

“My friends and I played JackBox.” Bri Brozich, 12

“I went to the gym and hung out with my girlfriend.” Vito Ciranni, 12

“I went to Shrek rehearsal.” Lauren Singer, 10

“I went skiing with friends.” Bridget McEvoy, 12

“I did some painting and went to the wrestling meet.” Zoe Wilson, 12

“Played Minecraft.” Alyssa Zerilli, 12

“I dyed my grandma’s hair.” Veronica Jakosalem, 12

“I had breakfast with my neighbors, went to Target, and went to rehearsal.” Claire Kraft, 12

“I had a snowball fight and went to rehearsal.” Ben Viviano, 12

“I played Mario Kart with my kids.” Mrs. Tancredi

We hope everyone enjoyed their day off, and are hoping for many more snow days this year!