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March 3 9:45 AM

maximerose sent you a message request 

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acitve now


(M) I saw your posts on Instagram and your feed is so pretty! Omg I love it. 


(S) Fr? That is such a compliment 😭

(M) Yeah it’s literally so cute I need that desk organizer 


(S) it’s linked in my bio! 


(M) Omg thank you! Ur the best. 


(S) ofc!

March 5 10:03 AM 


(M) I can’t get the link to work lol. Can you help me? 


(S) omg I’m so sorry that happened I’ll send it in here instead so you can purchase it. 



(M) it worked! Thanks again for the help. 


(S) np! 


March 6 3:26 PM


(M) sent image 

Look what came in today! 




(M) I KNOW. I’m so excited to decorate it more. 


(S) wait is that a poster of Steve Lacy back there?  


(M) Yeah I love all of his songs so much. My fav is Bad Habit 


(S) really? that song is so mainstream and overplayed


(M) Ugh I know but I still like it.. You have any recommendations from him though? 


(S) personally I like give you the world and n side 


(M) I’ll give them another listen then. 


March 14 7:09 PM 


(M) Those songs were so good. I even listened to the entire album after you sent me them LOL


(S) YAY I’m glad you found a liking to it. What other music do you listen to? 


(M) I’m into classics. Mostly just 80s and 90s music. That one song give u the world actually reminded me of 70s R&B. I think you would like Erykah Badu. 


(S) Oh nice! I’ll give her a listen. Any songs in particular I should give a try? 


(M) Didn’t cha know!! That’s my favorite at least. 


(S) it’s good 


(M) You listened to it that fast? 


(S) I skipped through it but it definitely has a similar feel. 


(M) Are you into anything else? 


(S) Wdym? 


(M) hobbies, shows that kinda stuff


(S) I mostly just like to draw. I got a tablet this Christmas actually! 


(M) That’s literally so cool. I bet you’re really good too


(S) LOL girl I am not that good I just like drawing realistic things or draw as if it’s a painting by using all these different kind of online brushes. When you get into it though it’s really fun


(M) I draw a little too actually


(S) FR? What do you draw? 


(M) I draw comics mostly but like more of a Marvel Dc way since I grew up collecting them. 


(S) your parents found them for you? 


(M) they aren’t that hard to find but I had them since my dad had a whole collection. Are you thinking they cost like thousands of dollars or something? 


(S) are they not? LOL


(M) Girl. They are literally anywhere from 10-30 bucks. 


(S) oh whattt why do movies lie and say that they are like thousands of dollars.


(M) I could not tell you but it’s fun reading them and seeing the differences between the movies. 


(S) that sounds like so much fun. Are you a DC or Marvel girl? 


(M) DC 100% but I do like some Marvel movies like the Spider-Man ones 


(S) Omg yess Tom Holland is so hot 


(M) LOL u right though 


May 17 6:45 PM


(S) we should call soon since we talk every other week atp 


(M) we should! I can’t do it this week though because my family is going on vacation to Hawaii 🙁


(S) Dang what that sounds so nice though I need to go there one day. 


(M) I will take you. Sarah and Mia trip to Hawaii 2025 


(S) YES. We should hit up the tourist spots like the beaches there and wear floral dresses also eat the local fruit.


(M) you can LOL. I won’t since I’m not a dress girl at all. 


(S) oh shoot well we can wear floral dad tees together and dress like old people tourists. 


(M) omg that would be funny 


(S) Sarah and Mia trip to Hawaii 2025 will be planned soon. 


(M) yes. Just after my trip to Hawaii with my family lol 


(S) lol yeah that first 


May 24 6:30 PM


(S) you wanna call now since your vacation is over? 


(M) yeah sure but you won’t be seeing me since my camera broke when my little brother stepped on my laptop a few months ago. 


(S) LOL that sucks. You getting it repaired anytime soon? 


(M) I would but my sister’s birthday is also coming up so I need to buy her a gift for it instead. 


(S) that makes sense. 


(M) when’s your birthday? 


(S) August 1st 


(M) omg ur sweet 16 is soon…what are you doing for it? 


(S) family dinner and then a get together with friends though we are probably going to stay inside while my parents barbecue because it’s going to be HOT outside 


(M) nah it will be lol 


July 23 7:51 PM


(S) that video you sent earlier was so funny 


(M) that one with my brother filming me getting jumpscared?


(S) YES LOL also I didn’t think you were gonna have curly hair for some reason 


(M) really? Everyone always tells me it makes sense since my mom looks exactly like me. 


(S) that’s crazy 


(M) this is so random but where do you live? 


(S) LOL yeah that was random. Why do you wanna know so bad? Thinking of stalking me? 


(M) Girl no. I was gonna send you something for your birthday coming up and I’m assuming we live states away from each other lol. 


(S) I live in Florida towards the coast a bit. Hbu since we are on the topic 


(M) No way. I live in Florida too. 









(M) We need to meet up soon then if we are that close. There’s no way we can’t. You drive right? 


(S) No I’m 15 😭


(M) then I can pick you up since I just turned 16 like a couple months ago. 


(S) you have a license? 


(M) Yeah I started drivers training as soon as I could


(S) Okay then that works out great. If we meet up when and where would we go to do that? 


(M) we can do it next Saturday? I can pick you up from your house too if you want 


(S) yeah I’m free then 


 July 29 3:11 PM


(M) What’s ur addy 


(S) 34426 Fox Dr. 


(M) I’ll be there in an hour!!! 


April 15, 4:45 


(M) Here


(S) I see your car 👀 why is it so big LOL 


(M) girl it’s the family car. Mine is in the shop rn but I promise you it’s nicer on the inside so you should come and see it 


(S) I will just filling up my purse 


(M) why did you not do that earlier 😭 You coming soon? 


(S) girl it’s only been 5 minutes I’ll be out in a sec


(M) okayyy 


(S) walking out right now so you see me?


(M) Yeah 


(S) okayyy 



New Facebook post 


Cathy Thompson 

July 30 12:00 PM

Sarah went missing around 5pm yesterday if anyone has seen her please contact us or the local police in that area. We checked her computer and found messages between her and a person neither I or my husband know. From her messages I could gather that it’s an SUV or bigger car this person is driving in and she could be in the Panama City area. 


Debby Combs: Prayers to you and your family 😢🙏

Reed Walton: Hope Sarah gets back home safe!!! ❤️

Kelly White: Wishing you comfort and grace during these difficult times ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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For those who are texting people on the internet please stay safe. As much as a person can act and think like you, you still never know who is behind the screen.