Chippewa Valley United Hockey Team

Payton Rettich, Writer/Photographer

      Dakota High Schools hockey team is a United team our districts other high school, Chippewa Valley High School. There is 27 boys on the Chippewa Valley United team. #87 Anthony Paperi, #3 Shane Stone, #77 Christian Pieknik, #11 Evan Johnson, #66 Karson Schriner, #96 Kaden Jackson, #13 Kevin Donley, #64 Alex Michalik, #7 Ryan Leduc, #83 Carter Kaul, #86 Ethan Stabnick, #8 Brendan O’Neal, #29 John Legebokoff, #5 William Feeny, #65 Dylan Giard, #16 Aiden Hardy, #4 Devyn Guptil, #10 Luke Butina, #88 Stefan Milenkov, #19 Nathan Carbone, #12 Austin Bartsch, #39 Joshua Sosnowski, #2 Andrew Johnston, #24 Shane Chubb, #3 Zach Wigginton, and #34 Kory Lancaster. This year the combined hockey team as officially grown into a standing program with some great talent. The boys coach Andonoff said in the Macomb Daily “We’re a young team. We got 12 sophomores. It’s good for the program. Hopefully it’ll blossom into something bigger”.  The boys are 10-5 which is one of the best records they have had in years. Our Chippewa Valley United team has a game Friday January 20th vs Eisenhower High School so come support. Seniors Josh and Evan answered a few questions about themselves and there team so far this year.

Do you feel that winning is most important?

Josh Sosnowski: “No, I don’t think winning is most important, I mean it’s nice to win but it’s all about how we play as a team”

Why do you play hockey?

Evan Johnson: “I’ve played it my whole life, I love playing and spending time with teammates off the ice.”


What are the strengths of this team?

Evan Johnson: “We work really hard at practice and communicate well”


What position did you play as kid and what do you play now?

Evan Johnson: “I played forward as a kid and I still play forward now.”

for pictures from the United vs Romeo game: