Rock The Runway Charity Event


Payton Rettich

   Last week on January 14, 2022 our student government held an charity event called Rock the Runway. Seniors walked in this event paired up in duos and were dressed up dresses and tuxes. The event began at 7pm featuring causal wear done but our freshman, sophomores, and juniors. The dress were from Joanis Fashion and tuxes were from Wesner Tuxedos. The student government program raised $3,000 for the New Day foundation, which is a foundation to help families fighting cancer. Introducing the our seniors and giving a wonderful description of the dresses were Nehemiah Campbell and El Auria Atienza. The seniors girls who rocked the runway were Hanna Jankowski, Sarah Manson, Brookyln Plitz, Alyssa Balcom, Kasey Horton, Natalie Nehra, Lauren Schaft, Olivia Tomlison, Reagan Moore, Rachel White, Lindsey Mundle, Andrea Robles, Eva Stevanovic, Jade Reese, Brayden Donahue, Helen-Rose Pangilinan, McKenna Goike, Jillian Schram, Anna Bommarito, Peyton Simrak, Olivia Wheeler, Lindsay Harvey, Claire Kraft, Ryenne Ashworth, Kate McMurray, Alayna Dettloff, Emma Thamarus, Audrey Scheider, Nya Jones, Natalie Petrovich, Angelia Deska, Mackenzie Rusin, Kendyl Baron, Brynn Miller, Iyana Dalton, Emma Lefever, Riley Brownrigg, Victoria Nestorovski, Sophia Sabatini, Angelina Trpceski, Nikolina Trpceski, Sarah Bazzi and El Auria Atienza. The senior boys who accompanied them were Jeffery Garrant, Ashton Posner, Luke Pokone, Cameron Davis, Benjamin Viviano, Kaiden Wink, Owen Clancy, Justice Dwyer, Matthew Mertens, Alex Kavalick, Brayden Miller, Alan Rosales, Anthony Coleman, Jacob Thomas, Salam Basheer, Andrew Aude, Chase Palmer, Jordan Li, Yousif Basheer, Aiden Debbs, Vito Ciranni, Max McPeek, Domenic Celestini, Brian Hoerauf, Nico Chua, Eli Bellew, Jonathon Youngblood, Dondre Penn, Blake Garbarino, and Nehemiah Campbell. The end of the show they rocked the runway again for a final showcase with Monday Skrocki singing. For a recap of the event check out TheDakotaPlanet TikTok newest video and the dakota stugo instagram!