Join Chess Club!


Mackenzie Patenaude, Writer

The Chess Club is back! If chess spikes your interest, here’s some more information on Dakota’s very own Chess Club. 

Chess Club isn’t just about playing chess, it’s about learning chess too. People in Chess Club typically play over the board chess. While doing this, they talk about openings, tactics, and overall strategy. Some of the higher-ranking players even play blindfolded chess! 

According to Chris Jett, a member of the Chess Club, he likes Chess Club because it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are. You can still join and have fun with people who are willing to teach you about chess and the complex nature of the game. He says people should join Chess Club because “it’s a healthy habit to get into, it works on improving memory, cognitive function, and concentration within school and everyday life.” 

The Chess Club meets after school every Tuesday in room 219, Mr. Reichling’s room. They are typically done around 3:00. Mr. Bilof and Mr. Reichling both run the club, and they make a great team. While Chess Club runs in Reichling’s room, Gaming Club runs in Bilof’s room at the same time.  

“Chess has helped me with problem-solving, short and long-term memory, and overall creativity. It helped me, it could do the same for you, strengthening your brain functionally one checkmate at a time.” -Chris Jett 

So, if you’re interested, go to room 219 this Tuesday! All are welcome!