Elton John: Farewell Yellow Brick Road

The Final Concert of the Iconic “Rocketman”


Alyssa Zerilli, Writer

Ever since starting his music career and making his first album in 1969, Elton john has sold 79 million albums and 300 million records worldwide and has continued to tug the heartstrings of music fans everywhere.  

Elton John found inspiring success in his career as a performer, and just finished his last tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road, in a final concert on November 20th that was streamed live on Disney Plus.  

The lively performer explained his retirement is due to the fact that he is turning 76 soon, and hopes to spend more time with his Husband, David Furnish, and their two sons Elijah (9) and Zachary (11). Elton expressed his love for his fans, sending a final message to fans to be kind, and that he wishes the world finds love and prosperity.  

Fans of Elton will remember this performance along with his countless other iconic concerts for the amazing spectacle that they were, and Elton’s message of love and kindness is something everyone can hold onto and continue to spread using the love of music.