Even Though I Never Met You


Isabella Aluia, Writer

When I was younger thing where easier 

the wind blew through my hair 

as I sprung through the deep blue summer nights. 

Gazing at the stars, 

feeling as though each one shined just for me. 

The clouds never obscured my view 

back when they were in the sky and did not feel the need to clog my mind. 


The stars made pictures for my tired eyes to enjoy  

I looked forward to that time of night 

when the damp air swallowed me whole  

and the fireflies were out to play. 

I would see you 

even though I never met you, 

I saw you in the stars. 


The stories they told me made me feel as if you were real to me 

just out of reach 

you are real, 

or were.  

But you disintegrated long before I met you, 

leaving a void where your silhouette used to fill. 


They said the walls would cave in when you grace them with your presence 

and the way you entered a room demanded all eyes on you. 

Your grin never left your face 

and I hope you know she kept your sense of humor 

and your altruistic attitude. 

You might have left them, but they haven’t left you, 

you will always be a part of them  

and them you. 


Sometimes on nights like this I think of the memory left behind. 

How it’s so vivid in their minds  

the man you were. 


I’ll reminisce of the person I think you would have been to me 

A good-hearted man like they said? 

A different person because of how time wears chips away at one’s character? 

Either way hope you know that in the bed you rest in under the ground, 

she collects coins 

and smiles at the cardinals 

thinking that it’s you talking to her. 


You might have left  

but when you did you left everything behind for them 

to find or to pounder. 

They think of you fondly, 

as I hope you do of them.