More Thrillers in the Media Center

Melanie Sejnowski, Writer

The Dakota Media Center has added more of the latest thrillers to their shelves. Newer authors and different stories are filling the shelves with their sick and twisted psychological stories. 

We Made It All Up

By: Margot Harrison 

Celeste is the talk of the town when she moved to Montana, and she just made a new friend. Vivvy and Celeste plan to write a fanfic about a popular guy and the stoner of the school based off a passion-fueled school incident. Vivvy tries to keep Celeste’s fantasies alive. The perfect dream boy ends up dead after a late-night kiss from Celeste, but she does not remember if she was at fault. Secrets get unraveled throughout the town, but who is to blame? 

Into the Sublime 

By: Kate A Boorman 

Four girls plan a trip in Colorado stumbling upon a subterranean that most people from Colorado call the “Sublime.” When the girls go and discover it daring each other to take the next step Amelie comes out of the cave covered in someone’s blood now she needs to find out which one of the girls is hiding in the sublime? 

The Honeys  

By: Ryan La Sala 

Mars has always been creeping in the shadows to his sister Carolines picture perfect life. As soon as Caroline passes from horrific circumstances Mars takes on the challenge of learning all that he can about his sister. Due to his genderfluidity, he hasn’t always been included in things, but with his sister’s passing it gives him the perfect opportunity to live a life full of experiences. Mars looks back on the friends that Caroline used to hang out with named the Honeys. They’re a group that is beautiful and terrifying, staying in their cabin and the longer that Mars waits to find out more he feels someone watching him from behind. 

These Fleeting Shadows 

By: Kate Alice Marshall 

Helen Vaughan doesn’t know why she and her mother left their ancestral home. When her grandfather passes away, she is rewarded with the whole house and a big sum of money. Only on one condition, Helen must stay in the house for a whole year. All she can think about is how much the house would haunt her, so for her to feel safer she searches the house to uncover some of the hidden truths and those lurking in the woods at night. 

The Dakota media center will continue to find the latest thrillers and tailor them to your needs and wants!  

To find these books the Dakota Media Center has a very helpful assistant, Mrs. Groppuso our Media specialist. You can find them down at the media center and ask her any of the questions you may have about the books you love and are looking to find!